home decoratingWatch out for these mistakes when you’re redecorating your home:

  1. Putting everything you love in the living room: You know those rooms that you like in your favourite magazines – well, we’re willing to bet that sometimes “editing” is the magic trick that makes them look so good. Count how many throw rugs are on the floor, the number of objects on the coffee table, and the number of knickknacks and photos on the mantels, shelves and tabletops. Now, experiment in your own space by removing some things.
  1. Choosing out-of-proportion furniture: This is another big decorating mistake because many people don’t understand the importance of proportion and scale. These are elements that really make a room. The furniture, like chairs and sofas, should have similar proportions. We’re not saying you shouldn’t have shorter and taller pieces in the same room, but they shouldn’t be too big.
  1. Doing one-stop shopping for decorating: Because it often makes things easier, many people choose all their furniture from the same time period, and then buy it all from the same store. This can make a room look impersonal. Rather mix new and old pieces from different stores and maybe even from different regions. This way, a room has a spirited and soulful vibe that makes it look like it has evolved over time.

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