The 3 Most Common Mistakes in Home Décor

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With all of the time spent in your home, you want it to be a perfectly peaceful sanctuary. Beautiful home décor aligned with your personal style can help your home feel even more your own. Our team of professionals has compiled the top 3 most common mistakes in home décor. Check it out below to avoid these commonly made home décor mistakes.

The 3 Most Common Mistakes in Home Décor

  1. Dark Colours in Small Spaces- Small spaces can be tricky for home décor, and one of the most commonly made mistakes in home décor in small spaces is using too dark of colour. The intense, dark colour makes the space feel smaller. Many people make this mistake by using too dark of paint, or dark coloured furniture. If a deep purple or navy blue are your favourite colours, consider bringing them into your space with a small vase or throw blanket, and have any large surfaces or furniture be in lighter colours.
  2. Too Trendy- Unless you have a limitless budget and are game to redecorate every five to ten years, do not go too trendy with your home décor. Our team of experts recommends that anything that is a major financial investment, for example a couch or fireplace, go with a classic look that still honours your personal style. Then, have fun and keep up with the current trends you love with less expensive home décor, like picture frames or pillows.
  3. Not Consulting with a Professional- A professional may be more affordable than you think, can help you find perfect pieces you will love, and ensure that all of your home décor is perfectly tailored to you.