Home LightingIt is an amazing thing that there are so many different home lighting choices on the market today. When choosing home lighting, however, it can be tempting to only consider one aspect and forget that your home lighting needs to accomplish a multitude of things. If you think about each of these factors, you will end up with the results that make your home lighting perfect for you and your family:

1.   Aesthetics – This one is pretty easy because we all know what we like when we see it. You won’t have any trouble discerning home lighting you love to look at from that which is so-so or that you despise. However, also keep in mind how the home lighting will go with your overall décor.

2.   Light – It may seem silly to bring up that your home lighting needs to offer light, but nothing is more frustrating than realizing that you won’t have the amount of light you need for a particular area’s tasks. Keep in mind, however, that lighting can also be used for ambiance. Also, lighting can alter how colours are perceived, so you may need to consider how a change of lighting could result in a paint change, too.

3.   Efficiency – Most home lighting today is far more energy efficient than the lighting made just a few years ago. However, if energy efficiency is of vital importance to you, be sure to consider that when choosing home lighting as some fixtures are more efficient than others.

4.   Maintenance – This is an easy one to overlook. Some home lighting fixtures are a veritable nightmare to keep clean and that may be okay if the light will be accessible, but if you need a ladder, for example, to reach it then you may want to forego a cleaning challenge.

5.   Budget – Be sure to set a budget not only for the entire home lighting project, but for each component. Failing to do this may leave you with nothing left for one or two fixtures because you opted for a high-priced one. At the very least, if you set your budget up at the beginning and you do choose something over-budget, you’ll have the insight that you need to scale back elsewhere.

When you come to us at Wasaga Beach Decorating, we help you choose home lighting that meets all your needs. We offer high quality lighting fixtures with enough variety to enable you to fulfill your vision for your home. Our design staff has the expertise to tie it all in together so that your home’s décor is everything it can and should be.