Choose and Care for Your Laminate Flooring with These Helpful Tips! [infographic]

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Laminate flooring is quickly increasing in popularity these days. Not only are laminate floors attractive, but they are highly durable, easy to care for, and come in a wide variety of shades and styles. Here at Wasaga Beach Decorating, we want to help you choose and care for your laminate flooring with some of these helpful tips:

  • Choose your style with professional help. With experts like ours, we can help you decide on the right style, color and patterns for floors you’ll love. That way, you will love your floors for years to come.

Choose and Care for Your Laminate Flooring with These Helpful Tips! [infographic]

  • Let the experts know of special concerns like pets, children, wheelchairs, etc. When selecting your floors, let our experts know if there are special durability questions. Things like pets, rambunctious children or wheelchair use in your home can affect the durability of the floors you choose.
  • Look at your samples in your own home. Before deciding on a purchase, it can be helpful to see a sample in the light of your own home. Make sure that the choices that look great in the showroom also look great in your home.
  • Check ratings and product reviews. When making a large purchase like laminate flooring, do your homework. Check out ratings and reviews before you make your final decision.
  • Have it installed by professionals. With professional installation, laminate flooring is going to be installed correctly. This will ensure that you don’t have issues with gaps, buckling or other unsightly problems.
  • Clean your floors with care. Laminate floors are easy to clean- as long as it is done correctly! Be sure to read the manufacturer recommendations for cleaners and use the right products.
  • Put down rugs and clean up spills quickly. When spills sit on laminate floors, the moisture can seep through the seams and cause damage. For easy care of your floors, clean up spills quickly and put down rugs for extra protection.
  • Be consistent with cleaning. Consistent cleaning will keep your floors looking great and durable. Keep your floors swept often and mop at least every two months.
  • Mop with care. When mopping, choose options that will not leave your floors soaking wet. Choose damp mopping techniques or mops that use minimal amounts of water.
  • Use pads on furniture feet. Pads or even little squares of carpet are wonderful protectors for your floors. This will prevent scratches and dents from moving furniture.
  • Test new cleaning products on an inconspicuous space first. If you have lost your manufacturer instructions and are looking to try a new cleaning product, try it in an inconspicuous space first. This will ensure that any potential damages are not obvious.

We at Wasaga Beach Decorating hope that these tips for laminate floors have been helpful. If you have any other questions, please give us a call today!