Home Décor in Collingwood, Ontario

Many people see designer homes in magazines, social media, the internet, and TV and think that it’s something they could never afford to enjoy in their own home. Surprisingly, you do not have to have a huge budget to make your home beautiful. There are several simple ways that you can re-vamp your home on a relatively small budget.

Here are five home décor tips to help you achieve the designer look you’re going for:

Collect images from social media, magazines, and the internet to curate a mood board that inspires you. Once you’ve discovered the general look that you want to achieve, it’s much easier to get started and to feel systematic about design decisions.
Find your style. Based on the previous tip, you can determine the style or combination of styles that you most prefer. While you don’t have to be regimented in sticking to pieces that only fit with those styles, it will help you stay focused on creating the look you want without it becoming too eclectic.
Accessorize with diligence. Use small details like plants, pillows, artwork, etc. to pull a variety of colours into a room. Most importantly, use your accessories to add texture to each room. A room will feel most balanced when there is some element of wood, metal, and glass incorporated.
Minimize stuff and maximize empty space. Most rooms look best when there is less clutter. You can achieve a clean look when you increase empty space in a room.
Determine colour palettes for each room before buying any home décor. It can be hard to create the aesthetic appeal you want for each room by selecting one home décor item at a time. However, if you have a set colour palette, it will help you stick to your décor plan better.