curtainsDo you want to give one of your rooms a fresh look? Well, one of the quickest and most affordable ways to do so is to change the existing curtains or add new ones. They will make a huge difference. Below are some tips about colour, length and light control.



  • Add life to a quiet room with warm shades of pinks, yellows and reds.
  • Give the room a soft look with cool colours like blue, white and grey.
  • Browns and greens give curtains an attractive earthy tone.
  • Choose colours that make you feel good, and try to complement the other colours already in the room.



  • Longer curtains add perceived light and visual length to a window.
  • To add a formal touch, have the curtains drape to the floor.
  • For a casual feel, have the length go to the window sill – great for kitchens.


Light Control

  • To filter and soften incoming light, choose sheers or laces, which produce a lovely effect. If you are layering fabrics, they’ll also work well.
  • Choose insulated or lined curtains to block out light.
  • Insulated and thicker fabric curtains offer privacy when you want it, while allowing you to let natural light in when you choose to.


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