Here’s a Paint Colour Trend for Autumn 2018 Few Saw Coming!

The trends in paint colours are always changing and autumn seems to be when some of the more unique ones tend to surface. We’ve seen our share of burnt orange, persimmons, and caramel through the years to know they’ll resurface this time each year as pillows, throws, window coverings, and more hit the market in these subtle, yet decidedly fall colours. What many didn’t expect was the huge popularity of mustard yellow. This darker hue of yellow is gracing rooms everywhere – on walls even!

If you think of velvet when you hear mustard yellow, it might surprise you that this more vintage fabric is also making a splash. Thick velvet window coverings are adding warmth to rooms in both an aesthetic sense and a functional one. Everything from solid mustard yellow to botanical and strong-contrast patterns are showing up on window treatments, pillows, and more.

Mustard yellow is a colour pop to uplift your mood while being remarkably elegant at the same time. It is so versatile that it can be a glorious statement or something subtler; it’s all in how it is used and matched with other décor. If you are considering a paint colour for an accent wall, you might just find that mustard yellow fits in perfectly to give your room a delightful touch of autumn.

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