Do you think your home decor reflects your personality? We know it should, but does it? Can you describe a room that you love with 3 adjectives? Okay, let’s explain. Below is a room we love. The 3 adjectives we’d use to describe it are elegant, inviting and fresh.



Now, what about this room? The 3 adjectives we’d use here are confusing, cluttered and busy.

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So, what does all this mean to you? Well, we’d like you to participate in a short experiment.

  1. Go to your favourite room at home and write 3 adjectives that describe it.
  2. Describe the dominant colour in your home decor with 3 adjectives.
  3. Go to a part of your home that you’d least like people to see. This will probably be painful because you don’t like the space. (Please don’t use the garage – that’s a whole different article!) As difficult as it may be, write 3 adjectives to describe this area.


Here goes with the results…

First, we asked you to give 3 adjectives to describe your favourite room.

You just described 3 favourite things about yourself!

Next, we asked you for 3 adjectives to describe the dominant colour in your home decor.

You just revealed 3 things about the personality of the person who chose the colour!

Finally, we asked you to describe a space that you’d least like people to see.

You just described 3 characteristics of your personality that you don’t like and that you try to hide from others!

What did you learn from this experience? Share with us!


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