many benefits of new lighting

The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety has long been advising businesses to pay attention to the lighting in their office buildings to prevent eye problems for their staff. Many of the tips they suggest for businesses are just as important, if not more, for a home office. The action of going from looking at a computer screen down to paper documents makes it challenging to have the right lighting for both activities. You need more illumination to see the paperwork than you do the monitor. Here are a few tips that can help you reduce eye discomfort when you work from home:

  • Use a Dimmer- If your overhead lighting is too bright, have a dimmer installed so you can reduce the brightness to cause you the least eye strain for the type of work involved.
  • Position Desk Properly- You want your computer monitor to be parallel rather than directly under the overhead lighting. Angle the monitor so it doesn’t reflect the lighting or any natural light.
  • Upgrade Lighting- If despite a dimmer, your lighting is creating glare, work with a professional to get new lighting that provides the right type of illumination. A lamp on your desk to see paperwork is often a better solution than overhead lighting.
  • Don’t Stare- Eye discomfort comes from focusing on one thing for extended periods of time. Look away from your monitor every few moments and look at something outside or in another room, taking care to blink a few times to moisten your eyes.

Working from home has many benefits and with new lighting, you can work without fear of eyestrain-related headaches and other symptoms. If you would like to learn more about lighting for your home office, give us a call at Wasaga Beach Decorating. We have a wide variety of lighting fixtures in stock that will both improve the aesthetics of your office, making it a pleasant place to work while protecting your eyes from being strained by ineffective illumination.