Window Treatments in Collingwood, Ontario

Windows are such a beautiful part of your home, but they can also be difficult to figure out how to decorate and cover. Windows look best with some sort of treatment, but there are so many different choices that you don’t need to feel limited. You may love the natural light pouring into your home during the day, but like most people, you likely want window treatments for privacy and to create a more finished look in your home.

Here are a few different ideas for window treatments you can have installed:

  • Plantation blinds can open and close easily, are easy to keep clean, and they are very attractive in a home.
  • Wood slat blinds or faux wood slat blinds are more functional and nicer than cheap plastic blinds. They also provide privacy when closed, and allow natural light in when opened.
  • Thick curtains, which provide an air of expensiveness to a room, also double as a way to keep in heat during the winter months.
  • Layered curtains, or sheer curtains with a heavy curtain over top, can be a great option for privacy all day, but they still allow sunlight to stream in through the windows to light your home.
  • Roman shades are very convenient and easy to open and close, and they still offer an elegant look.
  • Woven shades, again, are easy to open and close, and they provide an attractive contrast to other aspects of the room.

There are many other details about window treatments to consider, but these are just a few options you can use for your home.