DecoratingYou want your home’s interior to be stylish and comforting. However, decorating your home to make this happen is easier said than done. To ensure that you’re happy with your home’s interior, make sure you avoid these common decorating mistakes.

  • Not Paying Attention to Furniture Size. The size of your furniture really does matter. When you go to buy furniture, pay attention to the size of the space it will go in. If the furniture is too large, the room will feel smaller than it is. Comparatively, if the furniture is too small, the room will feel empty.
  • Failing to Include Proper Lighting. Every decorating plan should include plenty of lighting, both natural and man-made. At Wasaga Beach Decorating, we have an extensive selection of lighting fixtures that can enhance the look of any space.
  • Matching Everything. One common misconception about decorating is that everything has to match. Instead of making all of your rugs, furniture pieces, decorative accents, and wall pieces match, just make sure they coordinate. For example, if you want to add throw pillows to your couch, choose ones that include some of the same colours, but have a different pattern or texture.
  • Putting Every Furniture Piece Up Against the Wall. When you line your walls with furniture, you may think that you’re making the room seem bigger. However, you may actually be doing the opposite. Try grouping similar pieces of furniture in your home away from the walls to make things appear more functional and aesthetically pleasing.