Increase Privacy with Chic Window CoveringsWindows are a great way to allow natural light into your home, but a bare window allows anyone outside to view what is going on inside. With so many options for window coverings, you can choose something that will fit with your style and your budget.

Options for window coverings include blinds, shutters, and curtains, with a wide range of styles and materials within those categories. Options for blinds include wood, vinyl, polyester, and metal. Horizontal blinds are the most popular, since they close tightly and offer a high level of privacy. They fit nicely in contemporary or classic homes, so they are versatile. Shutters can be placed on the inside or outside of windows, and are most often made of sturdy wood. They provide a more traditional look to your home, and exterior shutters protect against rain, heat, and other elements. Curtains are more basic, and provide a privacy barrier.

At Wasaga Beach Decorating, we offer great service to the local residents. Our owner, David Hutchinson, has been a local vendor in Ontario for more than seven years, and has expanded his paint shop to include window coverings, lighting, and more. He values the local customers, and makes sure each person has a great experience during a free in-home consultation, or while shopping in the store. He has a great eye for home décor, so he and the other associates in our store will help you select stylish and functional window coverings in Wasaga Beach ON.