interior lighting tipsLighting in your kitchen and dining room each serves its own unique purposes and has its own particular challenges. The same goes for any room of your house, really, where lighting is an important element both in design and function. Here are a few lighting tips for your dining room, and see our next article for lighting your kitchen.

While function trumps form in the kitchen, it’s the opposite when it comes to lighting your dining room. Dining rooms are all about ambience and creating a balance between a formal yet inviting space that invites conversation.

Chandeliers are a very popular choice in dining rooms. Not only are they a beautiful design element that draws the eye to the centre of the room and to the dining room table itself, but they also allow for the perfect amount of lighting — not too much, and not too little. Make sure to choose a chandelier that fits the size of the room, which is easy to do because there is such a wide variety of chandeliers in a variety of sizes, styles, and price points. Track lighting along the sides of the room, depending on the size of the space, is also a nice touch that lets you draw attention to side boards or art on the walls.

Dimmer switches are very popular in dining rooms, allowing you to control the amount of light depending on your needs. Turn the lighting up to maximum when working at the dining room table, put it at mid-level over dinner or drinks, and dim it down for creating ambience in your home. Dimmer switches are not overly complicated to install and can make a huge impact.