Interior Lighting Tips for Your KitchenThe kitchen is so often called the heart of a home, and you need lighting that reflects that. A kitchen pulses with life and activity, and should be a bright, inviting space that also allows ample lighting so you can see exactly what it is you’re cooking up! Here are some tips on lighting to help create the ultimate kitchen atmosphere.

The kitchen is where you really want to pull out all the stops when it comes to lighting, because it should be the brightest spot in the home. That’s why you often see such a variety of different kinds of lighting, to banish any dark corners and also allow you to light the specific areas you need.

In modern kitchens, it’s common to see overhead lights, generally over the centre of the cooking space as well as over the eating nook, if you have one. Two types of lighting we recommend in addition to overhead lights are track lighting and under-cabinet lighting.

Track lighting allows you to use smaller bulbs that can direct light at exactly the spots you need, or the places that an overhead light may not be able to illuminate as much as you like. There is such a huge variety of track lighting options, not only in the size and style of the track lighting itself, but also the types of bulbs, be they incandescent, fluorescent, or high- and low-voltage halogen versions. Track lighting is also frequently connected to dimmer switches, which allow you to control exactly how much lighting you get.

Lighting counters is tricky, especially if you have a lot of cabinets in your kitchen, like most of us do. The cabinets frequently cast shadows, and light from the overhead or track lighting just can’t illuminate them. That’s where under-cabinet lighting comes into play. Under-cabinet lighting comes in fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent options, so again, it’s up to you exactly what style you prefer. Keep in mind that installation of under-cabinet lighting is much trickier than some of the other varieties and has different requirements to meet electrical code standards. Be sure to do your research and hire a lighting professional to do the installation.

Family Handyman has a great article that goes into detail about different lighting techniques to use in your kitchen. Check it out here and get inspired!


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