Never before have we seen the home décor options that we have available today, and interior paint options are nearly infinite. Not only are there so many different types and colours of paint, but new methods for applying home paint also make it easy to get a truly custom look.

  1. Quality House Paint: With top quality brands such as Benjamin Moore, you can always be assured of getting the exact result desired.
  2. Colour Consultations: Home decorating professionals are more than happy to provide colour consultations so those colours that speak to your lifestyle, emotions, taste and character can be selected.
  3. Colour Trends: Notice how home décor often follows colour trends. You’ll see it in furniture stores, magazines and even on television shows. Your home decorating specialist can keep you abreast of today’s trends.
  4. Exterior House Paint: There’s no reason to get stuck in a rut when it comes to the exterior of your home. The next time your home is due for a new coat of paint, consider going with something new and exciting! If the idea of changing the entire house’s colour is just a bit too overwhelming, consider changing the colour of just the window shutters or the garage door.
  5. Textures: Interior paint can be applied in ways that mimic all sorts of different textures. Actual texture can also be added to a wall or ceiling prior to painting. One fun suggestion is to use Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint to create a fun place where kids are actually allowed to draw on the walls, or even an area for family members to leave notes for one another.
  6. Furniture Painting: Don’t overlook some of the furniture in the home that can be totally transformed by adding a splash of colour. This can be a great way to tie a room together by incorporating the wall colour into the pieces in the room.
  7. Ceilings: Consider something besides the standard white, ecru or ivory for the ceiling in a room. This can especially be a lot of fun for a child’s room.
  8. Multiple Colours: Consider using more than one colour in a room. This can be accomplished by having one wall painted a different colour than the other three or using one colour along the top section of the walls and another on the lower section.
  9. Environmentally Friendly Options: Most paint companies now carry options that are environmentally friendly. One wonderful example is Benjamin Moore’s Natura® No-VOC Paint.

Benjamin Moore Paint infographic

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