Lamps and Lighting Make a Big Impact for Little MoneyIt’s unfortunate that so many people underestimate the importance of lamps and lighting in general, as they make such a huge impact and are one of the simplest and most cost-effective changes you can make to your home. But when you think about it, it really does make a huge change that we always notice. Just think of how dimming the lights in a living room turns a space into a cozy party atmosphere, or how lighting a few candles around a bathtub instantly relaxes you. On the reverse, think how overhead fluorescents can make you feel overly alert.

So why do so many people just accept the lamps and lighting they always have, when a few simple changes can change how they feel about their home, just as strongly as a new coat of paint?

Of course, depending on what it is that you want, it may require some rewiring, but not necessarily so. Look at what subtle changes you can make first, by changing the lamps or lighting fixtures themselves. The style of the lamps and lighting fixtures make a huge impact on the amount and type of light the room receives.

Light bulbs in your lamps and lighting fixtures can also make a huge difference in a matter of minutes. Just re-examine the wattage on your light bulbs (make sure to check on the lamps and lighting fixtures themselves to find out what wattage you should not exceed for safety reasons). That 60-watt bulb may have made the room feel too bright and garish, but a 40 watt bulb? Suddenly your room feels cozier, just like that.

For more lamps and lighting tips, check out this great article from The Telegraph by interior designer Nina Campbell.


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