Lamps & Lighting Should Be Functional Elements of Home DesignWhen it comes to decorating, many homeowners have misconceptions about what great lighting really is. They often overlook the utilitarian features of lamps & lighting, getting caught up instead with the aesthetics of the fixtures.

Actually, the way lighting looks should be considered as secondary to how it will function in various spaces. Being in a well-lit room is more pleasurable (and often safer) than trying to entertain, read or cook, or do just about anything in a shadowy, dark space.

Here are 3 great tips about lamps & lighting in the main living areas of a home – your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom:

  1. Dimmers and Mood-Enhancing Lights: Places like bedrooms and bathrooms used to be functional spaces only, but these rooms today are pretty much extended living spaces, and we spend more time in them performing tasks, reading or watching television. The lights in these rooms should be mood-enhancing and hardworking.
  2. Task Lighting: Many kitchens and bathrooms have plenty of overhead lighting, but often task lighting is lacking. Task lighting is directed or low lighting that highlights specific areas. For example, you need task lighting when doing things like applying make-up, washing the dishes, or reading.
  3. Bedside Lamps & Lighting: A common mistake made by homeowners is the size of their bedside lamps – either they are not adjustable, or they’re too small. When sitting up in bed, a bedside lamp should be close to head height, so choose a bigger size with enhanced lumen capacity.


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