What Are the Latest Trends in Paint Colours for 2014?

We’ve noticed a new ‘neutral’ palette popping up in the home decorating industry – carpets, tabletops, wallpapers, pottery and textiles – even neutral colour schemes are emerging in the fashion, landscaping and graphic design industries.

Because colour exists rarely in isolation, Benjamin Moore has designed a palette for 2014 consisting of 23 colours that go well together. There’s an art in sequencing colours from one room to another. The arteries of a home are hallways – rooms radiate off them, and this new palette will help the transition because the colours flow seamlessly. Take a look!

We notice there are tints of colour, whispers, hints and lighter touches. There are shifts to pastels that don’t look too ‘Easter egg’ or ‘candy’, which is very exciting for people like us in the decorating industry. We’ve started seeing a move away from gray to pinks, lavenders, greens and blues. Pastels, filtered and soft, lift the spirit without screaming loudly – they’re colours that make rooms happy and complement your possessions and your art. They are the new neutrals.

These paint colours are flexible. For example, you can punch up a great blue story by pairing Van Deusen Blue HC-156 with Breath of Fresh Air 806. Or, for a more understated, sophisticated statement, pair with Flint AF-560.

The best expression is personal expression, and we’re here to help make your choice easier. You want to select a paint colour that resonates, that’s enduring, and that’s an expression of your personal style. Let’s start a colour conversation in 2014! Contact us today!