Lighting Trends on Their Way Out This Fall

It always seems that fall is the time when people collectively come to their senses and embrace new trends while pushing some crazy ones out that we may have wondered why they were popular to begin with. This year is no different and we’re seeing several décor trends, including lighting trends, on their way out. If your home has any of these, it might be time to make a few changes if you want to head toward a new style that might just make more sense.

  • Edison Bulb Lighting- While we all are quite grateful to Thomas Edison for bringing illumination to the world, it doesn’t break our heart to stop seeing this harsh, exposed bulb.
  • Tuscan Kitchen Lighting- Both the lighting and the dark Italian theme in the cabinetry and countertops are making way to light and airy kitchens that are more welcoming than dreary.
  • Mason Jar Lighting- To our way of thinking, mason jars are for jams, jellies, and pickles and we’re happy they’re going back to that instead of being used for lighting and other décor items.
  • Hollywood Mirror Lighting- You might be a rock star to your family, and vice versa, but those big white bulbs running down each side of a bathroom mirror is just not the way to start your day folks! Trust us, nice soft bathroom lighting is gentler on the eyes any time of the day.
  • Nautical Lamps- Okay, that ship has sailed. Literally. No more nautical lamps, seashells, or other cheesy beach vibes – unless, of course, you have a beautiful beachside home.

Here at Wasaga Beach Decorating, we are the first to say that your home has to be inspired by YOU, not necessarily today’s latest trend. However, if what makes you happy is lighting that is popular and stylish, we’re happy to help you achieve that. We have a wide selection of lighting in stock and will help you select what fits your décor style and illumination needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about décor trends for fall and beyond.