Are you tired of your sad, boring windows?  At Wasaga Beach Decorating, we can help you pick curtains that will brighten up your space.  We also do custom curtains, so don’t worry if your windows are unusual sizes.

Curtains are a fun way to add colour and texture to your space.  We have a variety of prints and colours and are confident we can help you find the perfect curtains for your home.  The possibilities are endless when picking fabric for curtains. The wonderful thing about curtains is that they can be changed if you grow tired of them.  You can go for a bold floral print or fun chevron stripe and do not have to worry about changing styles.  Curtains are also very easy to hang.

Curtains come in many fabric choices.  If you are looking to block out light, black out or insulating curtains are a good way to go.  Not only will they look wonderful, but they are practical as well.  These types of curtains are perfect for blocking the pesky early morning sun streaming through your windows when you’re trying to sleep in. They have also been proven to save money on energy costs.  We call that a win-win!

Curtains also come in many different lengths. We have curtains that are just the length of your windows, floor length curtains, and everything in between.  Finding the perfect length will not be a problem.

Visit us at Wasaga Beach Decorating today, and we can help you make your windows wonderful again!