Benjamin Moore Paint

Do you want to paint your walls, but just can’t pick that perfect colour? At Wasaga Beach Decorating, we pride ourselves on offering beautiful and high-quality Benjamin Moore paint.  With over 3,500 colours to choose from, we are confident we can help you pick the perfect shade for your home.

When picking paint, it is important to determine what overall feel you want to create in the room.  Do you want to create a warm, cozy space?  If so, we recommend picking warm colours.  Warm colours include tans, browns, yellows, reds, off whites, etc.  If you want to create a cool, calming space, we recommend picking cool colours.  Some examples of cool colours are blues, grays, whites, etc.

After you decide on the overall feel you want, it is important to decide if you want a dark paint colour or a light paint colour.  We suggest using lighter colours for smaller spaces.  Light colours make a small space look larger.  Dark colours work better in bigger spaces because they tend to make a small room look smaller.  Benjamin Moore paint has several shade variations available in every colour.

Once you have determined the shade you would like, come in and we can help you. With our Benjamin Moore Personal Colour Viewer, we can paint your room virtually, so you can see what it will look like before you actually paint!

If you want to know more about picking the perfect shade of Benjamin Moore paint, please visit us at Wasaga Beach Decorating today!