Shine the LightingGenerally speaking, home lighting has 2 functions. First, it supports our daily activities by providing light and protecting our eyes. Second, it fills our living spaces with matching ambiance. Today, technology used in lighting offers endless ideas and possibilities. However, a lot of through and experimentation are important for successful implementation.

To start with, a room requires good basic lighting, which is operated by a switch at the door. Then we deal with the appropriate ambiance. Workplace or communication zones are illuminated in a special light, and “objets d’art” are lit. An entire living and working space can be enveloped in different lighting levels or in contours.

Direct light, like that of a candle flame, evokes agreeable emotions, but because the light is unfiltered, it enters our eyes without any screening. That’s why a screened light choice is preferable – indirect lighting – reflected by the ceiling and the walls. However, the light should be installed at a good distance from the lit surface to ensure it provides a wide cone of illumination.

Also, wall flood lights should never be mounted at anything less than 5½ feet to ensure the light source is above eye level. When it comes to flood lights, they should be deployed only in low or small rooms after careful planning; otherwise, the effect will be wasted.

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