ShuttersWhen choosing window treatment options for your home, you have three main options.  Generally, you can choose between curtains, blinds and shutters.  While there are good reasons to choose each of these options, shutters have benefits that go beyond style and light control.

Shutters have been used for generations as an effective way to cover windows in homes.  Outdoor shutters have been particularly beneficial in protecting windows from severe weather and acting as a deterrent to crime.  Indoor shutters have typically been seen as a great way to control the amount of light that enters your home.  While this is an excellent quality of indoor shutters, they offer many benefits that are less obvious.

In discussing the benefits of interior shutters, a clear starting point is energy efficiency.  Shutters are an excellent choice for decreasing the amount you spend on monthly energy bills due to the fact that they serve as insulators, thereby decreasing the amount of energy needed to keep your home at an ambient temperature.  Another hidden benefit of shutters is found in their classic look.  Since shutters are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles, they are able to be used in any style of home for an indefinite period of time—they are timeless in their usability.  Another thing that adds to their lifespan is the fact that they don’t fade as easily as curtains or certain types of blinds, which means they will last for decades.  A third, lesser-known benefit of shutters is how safe and easy to use they are.  With no strings attached, and being made of materials that do not absorb dust, shutters are easy to clean, to open and close, and are safe for small children and pets.

When you are ready to get shutters that will complement your home’s décor and increase its value, come see us at Wasaga Beach Decorating.  We have a wide variety of shutters to choose from and can assist you in finding the ideal set for your home.