Are you tired of cheap-looking blinds?  Or slats that bend and break?  Shutters are the solution!  Well-chosen and well-placed shutters are a great finishing touch and can add a wonderful design element to your home.  At Wasaga Beach Decorating, we can help you find the perfect shutters for your home.  Our custom shutters are beautiful, practical, and affordable.

Still can’t decide if shutters are right for you?  Shutters are energy-efficient and will save you money. Who doesn’t want to save on energy costs?!  Shutters are also very low maintenance.  They only require a little dusting to look fresh and clean and will look that way for many years.  Shutters add value to your home. Home buyers always love shutters!  Shutters are timeless and never go out of style.  Shutters also have larger slats than the typical blinds allowing you to let in more or less light for the desired effect. Shutters are a great way to go for window coverings.

Choosing the perfect shutters can be daunting, but we are here to help.  We carry a variety of top brands and are equipped to meet your every need.  We can create beautiful shutters for any window.

When picking shutters, it is important to decide what look you are going for.  Do you like traditional shutters?  Or are you looking for something modern? You may love the classic look of plantation shutters.  We can help you determine the perfect shutters for the perfect look.  We also carry shutters in a variety of colours and materials.

Stop by Wasaga Beach Decorating, and we can help you find the perfect custom shutters for your home.