Interior Paint in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

As you start considering design changes you want to make to your home, it’s helpful to view your space, including the walls, as a blank canvas. That way, you can really start from scratch and add in only colours and styles that you love. You’ve probably heard it before, but one of the absolute best ways to transform your home is by choosing the right interior paint colours. If you’ve perfectly designed the rest of your home, but the walls aren’t the right colour, it is hard to see past that and enjoy the rest of the design.

A popular trend with interior paint right now is to use neutral colours. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for every single wall in your home, there are many advantages to choosing neutral colours. One of the best things about walls that are painted in neutral colours is that no one piece or décor item is going to clash with the walls. Another advantage is that it allows you to use other aspects of your home décor to bring in the colours that you want. The reason this is so advantageous is because colour trends change quickly, and you can swap colours in and out of your rooms by switching pillows and artwork, which is a lot less work than re-painting your home regularly. Neutral tones also lighten up your space and make the walls seem taller.

Deciding on the interior paint you want can be difficult because paint looks much different on paper than on a wall. We encourage you to schedule a colour consultation with our team, so you feel confident that you’re making a good choice.