wall lampsDoes your bedroom need more lighting, but there’s no space on your bedside tables? Does your room actually not have enough space for bedside tables, let alone table lamps? If your answer is yes, then you’re in luck!

To solve both of these issues, you can use other lighting solutions such as wall sconces or wall lamps. These fixtures are usually mounted fairly high on walls, so they don’t eat up space, plus they tend to light up a room even better than conventional lamps. Let’s take a look at some other benefits of sconces/wall lamps.

  • No loose cords to hang out.
  • No power socket required. These lights utilize a power source that’s located inside the wall, so your sockets are free for other appliances or devices.
  • The switches are easy to locate – no longer will you have to fiddle around trying to find the switch in the dark. Sconces or wall lamps have separate switches within arm’s reach.

There are two types of wall lamps – regular mounted or swing-arm. If you want to light your bedroom with some ambiance, we suggest you choose the regular type, but if you want to read in bed, then go for the swing-arm option.

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