Window shutters have a sophisticated look that really accents a classic look best. Shutters also act as a focal point, drawing attention to windows and of course add a practical purpose, blocking out light and ensuring privacy when closed. While there are exterior window shutters as well, we are focusing on interior window shutters, which are both more practical and easier to install.

shuttersWindow shutters, besides allowing for privacy and blocking out light, also act as an insulator. They keep rooms cooler in hot months, blocking out direct sunlight and allow greater air flow, while keeping heat in during the winter.

Wood shutters come in a variety of shades – basically any colour that you can imagine. Our personal favourite is white, as it just looks so crisp. Or, choose a number of woods and wood stains for a natural look. Of course, the colour you choose will depend on the overall colours in the room that you decide to install them in. We recommend choosing an accent colour rather than a colour that matches the walls, to make them stand out. Otherwise, they just blend into a room, and can make the room appear smaller. Again though, that may be the effect you desire. Endless possibilities!

Window shutters also come in a variety of sizes; choose from wider or thinner slats. The larger the window, the larger the slats can be without looking out of place.