Window Shutters by Eclipse

Wasaga Beach Decorating is excited to introduce window shutters made by Eclipse, which now incorporate a revolutionary new finish called UltraSatin that achieves the look of premium painted shutters. It brings elegance to any interior space with a matte, soft lustre that will always look as luxurious as it did on the day of installation.

  • Energy Efficient – Designed with cellular construction, these shutters have pockets of air in the frame and louver parts, which virtually eliminates solar heat gain in summer, while providing excellent insulation in winter. That means you save big on your cooling and heating bills!
  • Safe – The window shutters have no dangling cords, so they are a safe for homes with children and pets. Yet another safety feature is Greenguard certification for schools and children.
  • Easy to Care For – Water can be a detrimental force around kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of high humidity. Unsuitable materials in these spaces may crack, rust, warp and develop mildew. Luckily, Eclipse shutters are resistant to all these destructive effects, making them the ideal choice for any water-prone environment.

On most surfaces, permanent marker is permanent. Not on Eclipse shutters! Crayon, ink and other staining agents don’t bind to their smooth surface. Usually, water and soap is all that’s needed to get rid of ugly blemishes.  Thanks to the durable finish and the resilient composition, scratches and dents are a rare possibility.

Contact us today to find out more about these innovative window shutters. We can assist you with all your decorating needs!