window shuttersNo other window treatments give you better control of light than shutters. Angle the louvers upwards to prevent the sun from fading your furniture, or throw them back to let the light flood in! Below are some reasons why window shutters are simply the best.

  • Energy savings – Closing shutters when the sun goes down helps insulate your windows, which can significantly reduce your heating costs in winter.
  • Easy cleaning for a healthy home – Dust is a lot easier to wipe off slats than curtains and blinds. When these get ingrained with dirt, a breeding ground for dust mites is created, which can cause allergies and itching.
  • Great curb appeal – You’re not only treating yourself to a contemporary, crisp revamp, but when the time comes to sell, potential buyers will notice the difference because nothing says “maintained and modern” like shutters do.
  • A perfect fit – Window shutters are made to measure to the millimetre.
  • “Shutterly” tranquil – When closed, shutters act as a natural sound barrier, and those made by Eclipse are so sturdy that they’ll never rattle and bang like blinds do.
  • Privacy – Close your eye-level window shutters to keep your room and belongings out of sight, and let the light come in from above.

If you’d like to improve the décor in your home with new window coverings (curtains, shutters, blinds, and more), furnishings, framed art, lighting, or a fresh coat of paint, you’ve come to the right place with us at Wasaga Beach Decorating. We’ll help make your home the envy of the neighbours, even on a tight budget! Contact us today for more information.