Custom Window Coverings

At Wasaga Beach Decorating, we offer a variety of custom window coverings that can make your windows beautiful again. We can help you find the perfect window coverings for your space and that fits your unique style. We offer:

  • Custom Curtains.  Curtains are a great way to add style, colour and texture to your space.  We have an extensive variety of fabrics to create a look that is perfect for you. Curtains also provide insulation and help save on energy costs.  Curtains are very versatile, and the design possibilities are endless. They are a great way to add character and colour to any room.
  • Window Shutters:  Window shutters are timeless and classic.  They add charm and character to your home.  Shutters also increase your home’s value.  They are very low-maintenance and only require a little dusting to keep them looking beautiful.  Shutters are a great option for custom window coverings.
  • Window Blinds:  Window blinds are a great choice for any window.  At Wasaga Beach Decorating, our custom window blinds can make any window fabulous again.  We can perfectly fit any blind to any window, giving you a well-put-together look.  We have many options and colours to choose from.

Contact us at Wasaga Beach Decorating, and we can help make your windows wonderful again.  Our custom window coverings will look beautiful in your home!