What You Need to Know About Wood Stain

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Wood stain can be a fun and beautiful way to colour and protect your wood. Wood stain can be used on a variety of wood furniture, decks and décor items. The wood stain adds colour into the wood itself, unlike paint, which is a colour applied to the top of the wood. If you are looking to learn more about wood stain, keep reading!

What You Need to Know About Wood Stain

First off, to do a high-quality wood stain, you need to start with a properly prepped surface. Be sure to sand your project with the correct grain of sandpaper, and clean the wood once done with sanding, which will create a smooth surface that is ready to soak up the wood stain.

Second, be sure to read all instructions and safety information for the wood stain. The chemicals used to create the stain are powerful and can be toxic. Additionally, never work on staining projects in an area that is not well ventilated. Some wood stains even recommend wearing a protective mask while applying wood stain.

Lastly, be sure to finish off your project with some type of protective coating. Adding a finishing top coat helps your stain to last longer and protect the wood from the elements.

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