LightingHaving plenty of lighting throughout your home can greatly enhance its aesthetics. However, even if you have enough lighting, you might still feel like it isn’t quite doing what you want for your interior. To overcome this issue, it’s a good idea to come up with and incorporate a good home lighting plan that includes:

  • Layering –The recipe for any successful home lighting plans includes plenty of layering. This means that your home should have ambient light, indirect light, task light, and accent light.
  • Focal pieces – With any room, you want to include a good focal point, and the same holds true with your home’s lighting. As you look through our selection of home lighting, don’t be afraid to pick a few statement pieces that will add drama to the room.
  • Spaced out fixtures – In any room, you should avoid trying to illuminate the space with one or two larger fixtures. Instead, you should use multiple fixtures that are spread out throughout the room in order to create an aesthetically appealing effect.
  • Quality pieces – Keep in mind that quality light fixtures will last longer and look better in your home. As you shop for new lighting, remember that the lighting you put in your home is an investment that will pay off.

Most importantly, make sure you include lighting fixtures and pieces in your lighting plan that you like. If you need help picking out new lighting for your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Wasaga Beach Decorating for assistance.