curtainsCurtains pose a tricky question: just how do you get the wrinkles out? Sometimes these wrinkles are caused by being caught at strange angles, but especially occur when they are first hung up if they were previously folded in a box or drawer. Or sometimes, especially in warm months when many of us keep curtains open for long periods of time to let air circulate, the wrinkles just appear, much in the way that wrinkles on our clothes do.

The trick to getting wrinkles out of your curtains is simply a matter of the right tools and a little know-how. Here are our top expert secrets. Keep in mind that different fabrics take different care, so double-check the tags on the curtains for specific care instructions.

Really though, it’s a simple trick – steam! This should work on every type of fabric. The lighter the fabric, the easier the work. Use a steam cleaner– preferably the type you use for clothing if they are light curtains, or a heavier-grade one for heavier fabric curtains.

If you don’t own a steam cleaner, try this before renting one: Simply hang your curtains in the bathroom and turn the shower on the hottest setting. Hang the curtains as close to the shower as possible (without getting them wet!) and see if the steam does the trick. Don’t turn the fan on until after you remove the curtains from the room, to get maximum effect.