Lighting, Collingwood, ON

Is the lighting in your Collingwood home shedding an unflattering light? Let us help!

Lighting in Collingwood, Ontario

Have you ever picked out a paint colour at the store then got it on your walls at home and hated it? Don’t blame the paint, or the store. The fault probably lies with the lighting. The lighting in the store is nothing like the lighting in your home, and that makes a world of difference to how the colour is perceived. That is one of the reasons why paint companies offer those colour slips – so you can take them home and look at them in the room you’ll use them. The same holds true going in the other direction. You want to replace some lighting fixtures you do not care for but you need to be sure the new ones won’t cast your rooms in the wrong light. That is where our team at Wasaga Beach Decorating comes in.

We offer those in Collingwood, Ontario the opportunity to have a professional assist with lighting selection, as well as provide paint and colour consultations, so you get the end result you desire. You do not have to go it alone and end up with something that isn’t pleasing. In addition, with our assistance, you can be sure the lighting you choose provides the ambiance and type of flattering light the specific location dictates. Not having the right type of lighting can actually affect your well-being, leaving you to experience fatigue or headaches. We also keep in mind other criteria you may have, such as energy efficiency and matching décor.

If you have questions about lighting, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you with lighting, as well as other décor projects, such as window coverings and paint selection.


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