House Paint, Collingwood, ON

Protect your Collingwood home with a fresh coat of house paint.

House Paint in Collingwood, OntarioChoosing house paint for your home in Collingwood, Ontario can be a daunting task. There is a wide range of prices for a gallon of paint, which can be confusing. The variety of paint finishes and colours available can further confuse and frustrate you. Fortunately for you, here at Wasaga Beach Decorating, we have a wide variety of house paint to choose from and knowledge to help you select the right paint for your job. We even have painters who can come and apply the paint for you if you would like.

There is a big difference in paint quality, which is why there is a wide range of prices for a gallon of paint. Why would you want to spend more money per gallon? In the long run, it may actually save you money to invest in a quality product up front. When you use cheaper house paint, you may have to put more coats of paint on the wall and the paint will be less durable and wear out or fade faster. In general, you get what you pay for. When you pay for higher-quality house paint, you get easier application, better coverage, superior hiding of imperfections and a longer-lasting product.

Paint is made up of several components:

  • The pigments provide the colour for the paint.
  • The binders create the permanent film on the top of the painted surface as the paint dries.
  • The vehicle is usually water in latex paint and aids in easy application.
  • Other additives may be added to paint, including anti-mildewing agents and UV protection to prevent fading, among others.

Paint is important to your home’s overall look, but it also is key in protecting your home. Come by Wasaga Beach Decorating today to talk to us about your house paint needs.

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