Custom Blinds, Collingwood, ON

Get the variety you deserve for your Collingwood home with custom blinds that have the colour, style, and features you desire.

Custom Blinds in Collingwood, OntarioIt is always nice when you can choose window blinds right off the shelf and have them be exactly what you want and fit like a dream. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. That is due to a couple things. First of all, there is no way that any store can carry every kind and size of blind in stock all the time. They opt for what is commonly chosen and in the most common sizes. Your style or your windows, or both, may not be “common”, leaving you with not enough variety to suit your needs. That is where custom blinds come in, and Wasaga Beach Decorating is the place to go for expert assistance with ordering custom blinds.

Your choices for custom blinds are practically limitless. You can get the colour you want, the size you need, the style you want, and the features you want and not have to compromise on anything. While it may take a bit longer to get your home the way you want it, the wait for the custom blinds to be fabricated is well worth it. In many cases, it isn’t as long as you might fear. We always communicate with you what to expect in terms of your final completion date and scheduled installation of your custom blinds.

If you have questions about custom blinds or any other types of window coverings, do not hesitate to call or stop in to see us. We also offer a free in-home window covering consultation for all custom orders.


Custom Blinds in Wasaga Beach, ON