Eclipse Shutters, Wasaga Beach, ON

Eclipse Shutters is proud to be the number-one selling shutter in North America.

Shutters are popular window covering options, adding visual appeal while providing control over the privacy of the space. When you invest in high-end window coverings like shutters, you want to be sure that the products you select will last and provide the benefits you want. Eclipse Shutters are some of the best in the industry, and our team at Wasaga Beach Decorating can help you get them in your home or business. We work closely with Eclipse Shutters, which was previously known as VinylBilt, to give our customers access to these beautiful and functional window coverings.

Eclipse Shutters in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Eclipse Shutters offers an impressive 25-year unlimited warranty on its products, which showcases the company’s commitment to quality. We have seen brands come and go during our years in the business, and this is a brand that continues to remain as one of the leading options. In fact, Eclipse Shutters is proud to be the number-one selling shutter in North America. You can choose from three louver sizes and two tilt options to get a more customized look. Every shutter from this brand delivers a clean, fashionable appearance and is incredibly durable. The products require minimal maintenance, which means they don’t have to be sanded or repainted.

If you would like to add these beautiful and stylish shutters to your Wasaga Beach, Ontario space, give us a call at Wasaga Beach Decorating. We’ll be happy to schedule an in-home consultation, where we can measure your windows and get the process started of having your shutters custom manufactured.